At Gearlimits we are – of course – crazy about outdoor & action sports gear. But behind good products, there’s always a great story. Why do brands make their products the way they do, how do they work, why do they make certain choices, for materials, durability or safety. We are always interested in hearing, and preferably experiencing, that story.

Our journey started in 2017. We started joining Jeffry Oonk – Friend of Haglöfs, professional Wilderness Guide, International Mountain Leader, Adventurer, Photographer and in winter months a musher at Beito Husky Tours – on a two-day hike in the Scandinavian wilderness. In 2018 we took off with Jeffry again, this time closer to home, on a 24 our Micro Adventure.

2018 –  A Dutch Micro Adventure with Jeffry Oonk – Friend of Haglöfs

Even in one of the most urbanized crowded countries in the world (the Netherlands) there is silence, fresh air and natural beauty to be found. With Jeffry Oonk, friend of Haglöfs, we went to the Dutch island of Terschelling. What followed was a fascinating re-introduction to my own country and experiencing the power of just 24 hours outdoor. And the joy of a Husky on the beach! Adventure is just around the corner. Just go out and find it.


// Micro-Adventure gear: the EcoProof Jacket

There are two very interesting things about Haglöfs new Eco-Proof Jacket, on the one hand it is an expression of Haglöfs commitment towards developing more Eco friendly Jackets, and on the other hand it takes a more fashion oriented design direction while looking to keep to the functional quality we have come to expect from Haglöfs. It does this by using its PROOF ™ ECO 3-layer made for 52% from recycled polyester and 48% regular polyester and by a constrcution following the “re-use is better than replace ethos”. This means for example that zippers and buttons are easy to replace.

2017 – Walking the Dogs with Jeffry Oonk – Friend of Haglöfs

At GearLimits we want to know everything about outdoor products and get to know the ideas and the people behind the brands. Jeffry is a “Friend of Haglöfs” but also a professional Wilderness Guide, International Mountain Leader, Adventurer, Photographer and in winter months is a musher at Beito Husky Tours.

Together with Jeffry, we went on a two-day hike. With the two Huskies Chewy and Lilemu, he took us into the Scandinavian Wilderness, into his world. The hop over to Beito was a quick one, from Amsterdam to Stockholm where we were greeted by Niklas, the owner of Beito Husky Tours.


// Walking the Dogs Gear – Haglöfs Spitz Jacket

The Spitz is a strong jacket. With Haglöfs’ promise of outdoor gear that beats the elements, the Spitz takes on the wind. But not just any wind, the Northern wind.

The durable Gore-Tex jacket Spitz, Haglöfs not only tamed the strongest element there is – but made it work for them. Using wind power from the world’s northernmost wind farm, the Northern Wind was incorporated into every stitch of a unique Spitz jacket. The jacket, made by the wind, is now being used by adventurer Erwan Le Lann on his four-year sailing journey around the world.

More about the Haglöfs Spitz jacket can be found here

// Haglöfs Rugged II Mountain Pant

The Haglöfs Men’s Rugged II Mountain Pant lives up to its rugged name, and it’s versatile for any adventure in the mountains whether you’re hiking down low or climbing in the alpine. Its Climatic softshell fabric balances between mountain-worthy durability, four-way stretch performance, and protective water-resistance.

Haglöfs reinforced the knees, cuffs, rear, and gusset with stretchy panels, and a highly waterproof membrane provides extra wet weather protection. Triple-stitched main seams keep the Rugged II Mountain pant strong for seasons. This pant also features zippers at each thigh for ventilation, adjustable tabs at the waist, and adjustable buckles at each cuff. There’s a phone pocket inside one of the zippered thigh pockets as well.

More about the Rugged II Mountain Pant can be found here

Beat The Elements & Sustainability Philosophy

// Haglöfs

Haglöfs was founded by a man with both visions and dreams. Wiktor Haglöf, son of a forester, was a good old-fashioned carpenter, fully convinced that in order for something to be really good, you had to make it yourself. The outdoor lifestyle a century ago was far from the self-chosen pleasurable pastime it is made up to be today. At least in Wiktor’s world. It was rather a struggle, working in the woods, or long journeys through rough landscapes in harsh weather just to get to school.

So Wiktor Haglöf would base his company on the vision of easing the struggle, to improve life for those who had to endure the outdoors, not by choice, but to get by, what means that everything Haglofs does has a purpose, every detail is made to make the outdoor lifestyle a little more enjoyable. When gear and clothing are designed to be a reliable partner, helping you to get the work done – a shiny surface isn’t worth a thing. Only high-quality crafted goods make the cut.

The company is built on a strong value-driven foundation; reliable, curious and proud. Reliability means that you can rely on Haglöfs gear to be durable, functional and sustainable. Curiosity comes from constantly evaluating to become even more innovative and relevant. And pride is about our true passion for everything they do – ensuring you look better, feel better and perform better with Haglöfs gear.


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