Berghaus’ Hydroloft Technology

The ultimate comfort driven insulation system. HydroLoft™ insulation offers superior breathability through air exchange, giving enhanced comfort and keeping you warm without the weight.


Exclusive to Berghaus, Hydroloft™ is a revolutionary insulating technology. Inspired by the warmth-trapping properties of natural down, its lightweight fibrous structure contains thousands of small cavities. These trap tiny pockets of air, helping to retain your body warmth and keep the cold out, all without weighing you down.

Thanks to its unique structure, Hydroloft™ actively encourages air exchange. This helps your body to breathe and allows perspiration to escape – perfect for the most strenuous activities. Combined with a water-repellent outer layer, Hydroloft™ keeps you drier for longer and dries quickly when wet, so that you can stay comfortable and keep moving whatever the weather.

Key Features

The fibrous structure of Hydroloft™ simultaneously keeps you warm, repels moisture and allows your skin to breathe – ideal for any outdoors activity.

Lets skin breath
Formed of a complex web of thin fibres, the internal structure of Hydroloft™ insulation encourages any excess body warmth and perspiration generated during strenuous activity to escape, keeping you cool and comfortable.

Traps warmth
Hydroloft™ is designed to replicate the natural insulating properties of down. Its matrix of superfine fibres contains thousands of tiny air pockets, which keep your body warmth in, and keep the cold out.

Resist water
Combining polyester fibre insulation and a highly water resistant & fast-drying exterior, Hydroloft™ is designed to withstand the most extreme conditions.

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