Berghaus’ Hydrodown Technology

For decades, adventurers, climbers and lovers of the outdoors have relied on natural down to keep them warm when temperatures plummet. But what happens when you throw in perspiration, spindrift, damp snow or ground mist into the mix? When down gets wet, it’s all but useless — losing its ability to trap heat, soaking up extra weight, and taking days to dry. Not much use when you’re counting on it to protect you against whatever nature throws your way.


Designed exclusively by Berghaus, and tested in the world’s most extreme climates, Hydrodown™ technology combines warm, lightweight natural goose down with a durable water repellent treatment, creating an insulator that’s more breathable, faster drying and warmer than untreated natural down.

Hydrophobic down is more lightweight than synthetic insulators, making it easily compactable for packing, and allowing your skin to breathe for improved comfort. Highly water repellent and quick drying, it has been designed to keep you comfortable and your kit light. Plus, unlike untreated down, it retains its insulating ‘loft’ structure in wet conditions, so whether you’re camping, climbing or cycling, you’ll stay warm and dry whatever the weather.

Key Features

Advanced Hydrodown™ technology enhances the natural properties of goose down to retain its loft and keep you warm even in damp conditions.

Repels moisture
Unlike ordinary goose down, which absorbs water and loses its loft, Hydrodown™ is highly water repellent. Its innovative DWR treatment means that it actively resists moisture, keeping you comfortable and dry in the rain.

Keeps you warm
While ordinary goose down can lose its ‘loft’ in the wet, hydrophobic down retains its structure even in damp conditions, absorbing up to 75% less moisture than untreated down.

Dries quickly
Hydrodown™ is designed to recover quickly from exposure to moisture. Untreated, natural down tends to soak up any liquid, causing its structure to collapse when it rains or snows. Hydrophobic down retains up to 80% of its loft in wet conditions, retaining its insulating properties and keeping you warmer for longer.

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